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I have the following query:

SELECT YEAR(SalesDate) AS Year, COUNT(VehicleID) AS VehicleCount 
FROM CarsSales GROUP BY Year(SalesDate)
SELECT 'Total', SUM(SalesDate) FROM CarCount;

Which returns the following result set. I need the + signs to say "Total" but I am confused as to why it isn't printing out like I expected it to.

Year            VehicleCount
2000            1228
2001            4768
2002            14004
++++++++++++++  20000
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I don't have a DB2 database handy, but I'm guessing that your problem is that you are trying to mix integer data ( YEAR(SalesDate) ) with character data (the literal 'Total'), and that the + signs are DB2's way of displaying 'NaN'.

Try changing YEAR(SalesDate) to CHAR(YEAR(SalesDate)) so that all entries in the first column will be CHAR types.

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This is the case - getting + signs is basically it saying 'sorry, unexpected (non-fatal) data encountered. Please try again'. You can get this for out-of-range errors, too (like Total records that sum up too many small values....). –  Clockwork-Muse Oct 17 '11 at 18:55

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