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Context: I have 2 models Order and Item.

I want to calculate Item subtotal based on item.quantity * item.price For now this is done in the view (but not the appropriate place).

<%= number_to_currency(item.quantity * item.price) %>

I also need to calculate the Order total but I'm stuck. I don't have any column for that. What's the best approach? Use the model? Helper or Observer?

For now I managed to have subtotal working through Order helper

def item_subtotal(item)
  item_subtotal = item.quantity * item.price

Working Solution:

Item model

def subtotal
  price * quantity

In View render <%= item.subtotal %>

Order model

def total_price
  total_price = items.inject(0) { |sum, p| sum + p.subtotal }

Order#show view render <%= number_to_currency(@order.total_price) %>

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On your Item model you could add a subtotal method:

def subtotal
  quantity * price

Assuming that you're Order model as a has_many relationship with Item you could map the collection to get a list of prices on the Order model:

def subtotals
  items.map do |i| i.subtotal end

Because you're running in a Rails environment you can use the activesupport sum method to get the total on an Order model:

def total

Or if you prefer putting it all together:

def total
  items.map do |i| i.subtotal end.sum

Then you can use the subtotal on Item and total on Order in your views.

Edit: The view could look like this:

<% for item in @order.items %> <%= item.price %><br/><% end %>
<%= @order.total %>
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Since it is a functionality of the model (you want to calculate something of the item that is self-referential), the more appropriate location is the model itself, so that you can easily use

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which model: order or item? How does it know that subtotal equals price * quantity? What about total? –  Gaelle Oct 16 '11 at 2:55
subtotal should be defined inside Item model while the grand total should be calculated inside Order total by selecting all the items and calculating their subtotal. –  Jack Oct 16 '11 at 3:01
Can you please write an example for total and especially how to render in the view. thanks. The order#show view goes like this <% for item in @order.items %> <%= item.price %> –  Gaelle Oct 16 '11 at 3:09

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