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I'm trying to create a Find and Replace for the whole page.

I'm Using findandreplace which is a mini-plugin which is:

function findAndReplace(searchText, replacement, searchNode) {
    if (!searchText || typeof replacement === 'undefined') {
       alert("Please Enter Some Text Into the Field");
    var regex = typeof searchText === 'string' ?
                new RegExp(searchText, 'g') : searchText,
        childNodes = (searchNode || document.body).childNodes,
        cnLength = childNodes.length,
        excludes = 'html,head,style,title,link,meta,script,object,iframe';
    while (cnLength--) {
        var currentNode = childNodes[cnLength];
        if (currentNode.nodeType === 1 &&
            (excludes + ',').indexOf(currentNode.nodeName.toLowerCase() + ',') === -1) {
            arguments.callee(searchText, replacement, currentNode);
        if (currentNode.nodeType !== 3 || !regex.test( ) {
        var parent = currentNode.parentNode,
            frag = (function(){
                var html =, replacement),
                    wrap = document.createElement('div'),
                    frag = document.createDocumentFragment();
                wrap.innerHTML = html;
                while (wrap.firstChild) {
                return frag;
        parent.insertBefore(frag, currentNode);

At the moment I need the find button to make a seperate JS for each Item found. I have made it so it adds a different random ID for each found item. Now I just need the JS. When Im done with the whole this I will want it so when you click on one of the found words it has a popup(not alert) saying: "Replace Word with: {INPUT HERE}" Then it will replace just that word. I thought that would be cool.

My find code is:

document.getElementById('find').onsubmit = function() {
    findAndReplace(document.getElementById('fText').value, function(hi) {
        var n = Math.floor(Math.random() * 9999999999);
        var s = Math.floor(Math.random() * 30);

        $('#fade').after('<span id="show' + n + '" style="display:none;"></span>');
        $('#show' + n + '').html(hi);
        $('body').prepend("<script type='text/javascript'>$('#highlight" + n + "').click(function(){$('#fade').show();});$('#highlight" + n + "').mouseover(function(){$('#highlight" + n + "').css('background', 'blue');});$('#highlight" + n + "').mouseout(function(){$('#highlight" + n + "').css('background', 'yellow');});</sc" + "ript>");
        return '<span id="highlight' + n + '" style="background: yellow;color: black;">' + hi + '</span>';

    return false;

I figured out that .html cant place <script> tags into a document so I hope there is another way I can do this. Its a little crazy looking. Mabye you can see it better and know what I want here

I hope someone can help. Thank you.

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I added the following code at the end of your script. It takes input from a prompt but it will 'replace all', not just the one that you click.

$('span[id^=highlight]').live('click', function () {
    replacePrompt = prompt('Replace Word with:','{INPUT HERE}');
    findAndReplace(document.getElementById('fText').value, function() {
        return '<span class="highlight2" style="background: white;color: black;">' + replacePrompt + '</span>';
    return false;

Maybe I can work something out after going through your findAndReplace function..

UPDATE: A solution is to not use the findAndReplace plugin at all. I am still not sure but this is probably what you want.

$('span[id^=highlight]').live('click', function () {
    replacePrompt = prompt('Replace Word with:','{INPUT HERE}');
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