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What is the difference between dataset and database ? If they are different then how ?

Why huge data is difficult to be managed by database today .

Please answer independent of any programming language.

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In American English, database usually means "an organized collection of data". A database is usually under the control of a database management system, which is software that, among other things, manages multi-user access to the database. (Usually, but not necessarily. Some simple databases are just text files processed with interpreted languages like awk and Python.)

In the SQL world, which is what I'm most familiar with, a database includes things like tables, views, stored procedures, triggers, permissions, and data.

Again, in American English, dataset usually refers to data selected and arranged in rows and columns for processing by statistical software. The data might have come from a database, but it might not.

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A dataset is the data... usually in a table or can be XML or other types of data however it's only data... it doesn't really do anything.

And as you know a database is a container for the dataset usually with built in infrastructure around it to interact with it.

Huge data isn't hard to manage for what I do. I guess you're asking a study related question?

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