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Im the new kid on the block so I apologyze if I'm not doing very well. I'm using together the full image background plugin: http://bavotasan.com/2011/full-sizebackground-image-jquery-plugin/ And the flash loader background plugin: http://jquery.lukelutman.com/plugins/flash/

Everything works fine till the moment in which I set the wmode param of the flash movie to transparent, then the movie completely disappears (it loads, as I can listen at the sounds) but it doesn't show.

I would like to have a full background image with the transparent flash movie over it, that's all, if somebody can tell me how to fix this or even a new way to do it, it will be so good!!

Here is my code, so simple, by the way:

    { src: '../movie.swf',
      width: 934,
      height: 591,
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Transparent means see-through, Which is exactly what's happening, It becomes see-through, so you see the background and hear the sounds.

If you want certain parts of it to be transparent, then as far as I know, you can do that in Flash itself when you're making the movie.

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