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Our script uses dom to parse all the a tags from a document then loops through child nodes and extracts information which works fine here's how the code starts

$documentLinks = $dom->getElementsByTagName("a");

Part of the loop

$this->count]['href']     = strip_tags($documentLink->getAttribute('href'));

I now need to get the title tag from each page were lopping through so I thoguht I could do

$documentTitle = $dom->getElementsByTagName("title");
$documentLinks = $dom->getElementsByTagName("a");

Then add this to the loop/array to get the document title but it comes back with "[title] => DOMNodeList Object()" How can I include the title tag in the loop which is going through a tags/child nodes?

$this->count]['title']  = $documentTitle;
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getElementsByTagName returns a DOMNodeList object. You want the text content of the first (should only be one page title) item in the list.

Try this:

$documentTitle = $dom->getElementsByTagName('title')->item(0)->textContent;
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Awesome thanks much! –  Anagio Oct 16 '11 at 8:25

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