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I am writing a Google Chrome Extension. Now I need to detect the language of a frame in a tab. I read the post Detecting the current tab language using Chrome extension? but the answers involve examining the whole tab, apparently. Here I am in a chat and I have to examine a response in a table in a frame to see if the respondent has changed languages so that I can respond appropriately.

So what I have is either a frame or a string from the table.

Any suggestions? I am writing in javascript and I am not familiar with jquery.

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my sense of it is that one could use something from here: – Jerome Oct 16 '11 at 20:35

Not directly in the Chrome Extensions API's, but you can create a content_script that attaches a element.addEventListener("DOMNodeInserted", function() { something }) listener to the area you want to examine and then fire off a request to the translate api to detect the language.

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Unfortunately this api has been discontinued and replaced with a paid service. – Jerome Nov 9 '11 at 10:13

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