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I want to be able to modify my Wordpress theme to be able to do exactly what this page does.

I know first one would have to allow user uploads, but i would like to moderate them as well. Does anyone know of a Wordpress plugin or solution to this problem?

ALSO: If possible, I need to add meta to the file upload (eg. Image, Title, Description)

Thanks in advance!

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'this page' 'does' a lot. what feature exactly do you need ? be more specific about your question/read the faq! – Anonymous Oct 16 '11 at 9:17
Users Upload files. title them, add image, etc. Then have a listing of all uploaded files with image, title, link to download – Visin Oct 16 '11 at 9:24
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Afaik there's no plugin yet doing something like that. But maybe you can find one yourself in the wordpress plugin repository!

Depending on your programming skills, you could just write one yourself. The idea here would be to create a folder named as a auto-incrementing id, which is equal to an id in the database that you create simultaniously together with all the information stored in the DB.

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