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Is there a way to associate a specific ruby version with a specific branch ?

I would like to have:

git checkout branch-a     #ruby -v = 1.8.7
git checkout branch-b     #ruby -v = 1.9.2


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I know this is an old question. But for others that might find this by googling, this post solves the OPs need:… – Carsten Gehling Oct 8 at 9:37

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You can have different .rvmrcs in each branch, but that requires to change the directory to become active.

git checkout whatever && cd .
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This can be done by setting up RVM to use .rvmrc and setup automatic reloading of rvmrc files.

After installation of RVM, setup Ruby versions for each branch, eg:

rvm --rvmrc --create use ruby-1.8.7

Also add the automatic .rvmrc reloading, since .rvmrc files will only be reloaded on cd into a directory otherwise, see this gist:

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