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Does anyone know how to code restler to work with php and mysql to produce something like the following:

I want to create a XML API Web Service and not sure where to start.

I want people to be able to query the database for information such as the following using a http request.

Example of Data





Example Query


How would I go about writing such a script as I have searched the internet and cant find any examples and was wondering if you can help.

Thanks in advance


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You could use Restler (http://luracast.com/products/restler/) and build a method

class YourClass {
    public function productxml($dep, $Count, $BrandName, $Price) {
        // your MySQL stuff

which handles your request.

See the examples (http://help.luracast.com/restler/examples/) how this can be done.

Hope this helps. Greets.

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You could use Restler @Restler Luracast. The development has increased alot and its stable.

The fun part about this framework is that it supports multiple formats. All these formats can be added by just inserting a single line of code:

require_once '../../../vendor/restler.php'; 
use Luracast\Restler\Restler;
$r = new Restler();
$r->setSupportedFormats('JsonFormat', 'XmlFormat'); <---- Add format here

Also I would like to refer to my Luracast Restler template on bitbucket its public and its there for everybody to see.

I combined Restler with Doctrine so catching data from databases has never been easier. Its a raw version for now but I'll update it soon.

My version uses vagrant. Its a extension to virtualisation technology that makes development setup easy and fast. Once your application is ready you can deploy it to your server.


1) Install virtualbox + vagrant

2) Clone my repository

3) Move to the cloned directory.

4) vagrant up

5) Enjoy and start programming your REST API in less than 10 minutes.

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Repository has been made private. Can you update the link please? –  Bart Van Remortele Apr 24 '14 at 18:22

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