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I try to select from three tables in one query. these three sql tables I select has 93 lines per table

import sqlite3

database = sqlite3.connect('F.tsj') cursor = database.cursor() cursor.execute("select Name, C1, C2, C3, NumofEpochs, HDop, VDop, NumOfGpsSats, SecondsFrom1970 from tblSoPoints, tblCrdGnssRaw, tblCrdRawMeas where keySoPoint and keyCrdGnssRaw = keyCrdRawMeas") results = cursor.fetchall()

and then I try:

for line in enumerate(results):
    print line

what gives me 8648 lines and this is 93 * 93 or 92**2.
When I select from only two tables in one query, everything is ok, I get 93 lines.
How can I select from three tables in one query and get right number of lines from table during for loop, not multiplied by number of lines?

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Instead of:

WHERE keySoPoint AND keyCrdGnssRaw = keyCrdRawMeas

I guess you meant this:

WHERE keySoPoint = keyCrdRawMeas
AND keyCrdGnssRaw = keyCrdRawMeas

I'd also recommend that you start using the JOIN syntax as it makes errors in the join conditions less likely:

SELECT Name, C1, C2, C3, NumofEpochs, HDop, VDop, NumOfGpsSats, SecondsFrom1970
FROM tblCrdRawMeas 
JOIN tblCrdGnssRaw ON keyCrdGnssRaw = keyCrdRawMeas
JOIN tblSoPoints ON keySoPoint = keyCrdRawMeas

This provides a number of benefits including being easier to read and easier to modify to use outer joins should you need that.

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thank you for advice, it solved my problem. –  daikini Oct 16 '11 at 9:17
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