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Having an array of objects I'd like to serialize them into JSON (a JValue instance). I've tried the folowing 2 variants of combining JSON entities:

def items : Array[FooBar] = Array (new FooBar(1), new FooBar(2), new FooBar(3))
def toJson : JValue = {
  val jItems : Array[JValue]= items.map(i => i.toJson)

  // variant 1.
  // val jItemsC = jItems.reduceLeft[JValue](_~_)

  // variant 2.
  val jItemsC = jItems.reduceLeft((a : JObject, b : JValue) => a ~ b)

  "items" -> jItemsC

The first (and the second with (a : JValue, b : JValue)) says value ~ is not a member of net.liftweb.json.package.JValue

The second says overloaded method value ~ with alternatives: (right: net.liftweb.json.package.JObject)net.liftweb.json.JsonAST.JObject <and>
(right: (String, net.liftweb.json.package.JValue))net.liftweb.json.JsonAST.JObject
cannot be applied to (net.liftweb.json.package.JValue)

So how what's the problem and how can my problem be solved?

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These should work:

val a = Array("a", "b", "c")


JArray(a.toList map JString.apply)
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Extraction.decompose(a) (where a is an Array of instances of a class of mine) causes could not find implicit value for parameter formats: net.liftweb.json.Formats compilation error. –  Ivan Oct 19 '11 at 1:42
JArray(a.toList map JString.apply) causes type mismatch; found : String => net.liftweb.json.JsonAST.JString; required: code.model.Item => ? compilation error. –  Ivan Oct 19 '11 at 1:47
JArray(a.toList) seems to work (compiles at least) when a is an array of JValue objects. –  Ivan Oct 19 '11 at 1:58

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