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HI i want to retrieve

bellis li's child elements using DOMXPath i know we can get elements by using query but this should loops through so getting exact element would not be solve my issue. i wanna retrieve inside values from bellow query

$query_val->query( "//li" );


<li><div class="sendung"><!-- Erweiterte Beschreibung der Sendung, Trailer,Bilder mehr Text -->
    <!-- Stundenanker -->
    <div class="broadcast_objekt"><!-- Falls Object zur Sendung vorhanden ist, gib den Link aus -->

        <a href="object4Broadcast.jsp?broadcastId=3810173"><img src="img/letter.gif" title="Information on the show 'ONE MORE (WDR)'" alt="Information on the show 'ONE MORE (WDR)'"></a>

    <!-- Startzeit der Sendung -->
    <div class="broadcast_sender">

    <!-- Startzeit der Sendung -->
    <span class="uhrzeit"><font><font>20:01</font></font></span><!-- Sparte der Sendung --><img src="img/sparten/spartenID_5.gif" title="Culture / society" alt="Culture / society">

            <!-- abweichende VPS-Zeit --> 

    <div class="broadcast_beschreibung"><!-- falls vorhanden, Verlinkung der Sendungswebseite -->
     <!-- Haupttitel der Sendung --><font><font> ONE MORE (WDR)  </font></font><!-- Schwarz-weisse Sendung -->  <!-- Videotext -->  <!-- Stereosendung -->  <!-- 2K-Ton (nicht ├╝ber Satellit) -->  <!-- 2K-Ton -->  <!-- Bildformat 16:9 --> 
        <img src="img/16_9.gif" alt="16:9" title="16:9">

     <!-- Untertitel der Sendung -->
    <div class="sendung_ergebniss_untertitel"><font><font>Magazine </font></font><br><font><font> </font></font><br><font><font>premiere in Einsfestival</font></font><br>

    <div class="clear"></div>
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use //li/* or go through the childNodes of the returned li elements. If that's not what you are looking for, clarify the question please. – Gordon Oct 16 '11 at 9:25
possible duplicate of How get first level of dom elements by Domdocument PHP? – Gordon Oct 16 '11 at 9:36
possible duplicate of Loop through all elements of body tag using DOM – Gordon Oct 16 '11 at 9:37

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