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I have two models, Blog and Theme. A Blog embeds_many :themes and Theme embedded_in :blog. I also have Blog embeds_one :theme (for the activated theme). This does not work. When creating a theme with blog.themes.create it's not stored. If I change the collections so they're not embedded everything works.

# This does NOT work!
class Blog
  embeds_many :themes
  embeds_one  :theme

class Theme
  embedded_in :blog


# This DOES work!
class Blog
  has_many :themes
  has_one  :theme

class Theme
  belongs_to :blog

Anyone know why this is?

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OK, so I had the same problem and think I have just stumbled across the solution (I was checking out the code for the Metadata on relations).

Try this:

class Blog
  embeds_many :themes, :as => :themes_collection, :class_name => "Theme"
  embeds_one  :theme, :as => :theme_item, :class_name => "Theme"

class Theme
  embedded_in :themes_collection,     :polymorphic => true
  embedded_in :theme_item,     :polymorphic => true

What I have discerned guessed is that:

  • the first param (e.g. :themes) actually becomes the method name.
  • :as forges the actual relationship, hence the need for them to match in both classes.
  • :class_name seems pretty obvious, the class used to actually serialise the data.

Hope this helps - I am obviously not an expert on the inner workings on mongoid, but this should be enough to get you running. My tests are now green and the data is serialising as expected.

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Hm, doesn't work for me like that. Is it still working for you? –  robinst Feb 19 '12 at 20:24
Yes, in the limited case(s) that I've needed this, it has worked. –  Rob Cooper Apr 30 '12 at 18:23

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