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I have a horizontal navigation with a 1px high div under as default. When I hover over a menu item I hide this 1px div and instead show another div with height based on the number of subsites for the menu item I hover over. When I leave a menu item I want to hide the new div and instead display the 1px div again. My issue is that if I quickly hover over an item and leave immediately the 1px div is not displayed, but if I do it slowly (like 0.5 sec) it does.

What in the script below can cause #CustomNavBottomBorder to not be displayed if I hover/leave li.dynamic-children quickly?

$('#CustomNav').mouseleave(function() {

$('li.dynamic-children').hover(function() {         
        var itemHeight = 32; // height in pixels per item
        var divHeight;

        // Calculate height of div based on number of menu items
        var $menuItems = $(this).find('ul').children();
        var numberOfMenuItems = $menuItems.length;

        window.setTimeout(function() {$('#CustomNavBottomBorder').hide();}, 250);   
        $menuItems.each(function() {$(this).hide().delay(520).show(10);});      
        divHeight = itemHeight * numberOfMenuItems;

        $('#DropdownMenuBox').stop(true,true).animate({height: divHeight + "px"}).slideDown(300);
    function() {            
            window.setTimeout(function() {$('#CustomNavBottomBorder').removeClass('customNavOn');}, 800);

.customNavOn {
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You're mixing setTimeout and jquery's delay which makes things difficult. A jquery stop isn't going to stop what you've set using a regular js timeout. What is 99% the reason is that your timeouts are being executed and not cancelled. Google clearTimeout. – davin Oct 16 '11 at 10:11
.delay() doesn't work with remove/addclass hence I use setTimeout. I'll have a look at clearTimeout – user997685 Oct 16 '11 at 10:49
you can make custom queues so that delays do work. It's just easier to use a single timer interface, otherwise you end up calling stops and thinking it cancels everything, which it doesn't. – davin Oct 16 '11 at 10:54

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