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Why static class can not contain non-static methods and variables while Normal classes can have static methods and variables.

Again what is the advantage of having static members and methods in a non static class?Though having a static constructor in non-static class is understandable.

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Static classes can't be instantiated in the first place, so even if you could declare non-static (instance) members, they can never be accessed. Since there really isn't a point allowing it for that reason, the language simply prohibits it.

Bear in mind that static classes are just the classes, while there are two things that are directly related to non-static classes: the classes themselves, and the instances/objects of the classes.

A non-static class can have both static and non-static members so that the static members apply to the class, whereas the non-static members apply to the instances of that class.

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Static class is just a handy constraint to ensure the class doesn't accidentally contain non-static members. It describes programmer's intention on how that class should be used. It says: "This class should not be instantiated".

You can have classes with static members and non-static members combined, which becomes a non-static class. All you need to do is to remove the static keyword from class definition. And that would give a different message about programmer's intention on how the class should be used.

The only place where a static class and a non-static class makes a difference is that extension methods must be in a static class.

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Static class can't contain non-static members because by definition it can't be instantiated so there's no possibility to use these members.

However, static members in non-static class can be used without having class instance - a bit different scenario, i.e. for utility methods or factory methods.

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