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I have:

Stopwatch stopWatch = new Stopwatch();

DateTime start  = DateTime.Now;

DateTime stop = DateTime.Now;

//stopWatch.ElapsedMilliseconds approximately equals to (stop - start).TotalMilliseconds

So is there a difference in these measurement methods?

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Stopwatch is more precised than the calculation of (stop - start).TotalMilliseconds.

Check this post on SO.

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From msdn, System.DateTime:

The Now property is frequently used to measure performance. However, because of its low resolution, it is not suitable for use as a benchmarking tool. A better alternative is to use the Stopwatch class.

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Stopwatch uses/is a high performance counter which can measure one-hundredth of a millisecond if you don't query the integer ".Millisecond" property but the floating point ".Ellapsed.Totalmilliseconds" property.

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