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I am trying the select the value '111' in list by:

       .find("#role1_"+id+" option[value='111']")
       .attr("selected", "selected");

But it doesn't work.

When I'm removing the apostrophe from the value it's works (the selected value is '111'):

       .find("#role1_"+id+" option[value=111]")
       .attr("selected", "selected");

The problem is when the value isn't a number (i.e. 'abc'):

       .find("#role1_"+id+" option[value='abc']")
       .attr("selected", "selected");


       .find("#role1_"+id+" option[value=abc]")
       .attr("selected", "selected");

Both not working...

Do you see any problem?


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Try this instead:


Assuming the ID is unique, it should work just fine. By assigning the value of the drop down element, jQuery will already take care of selecting the option with that value.

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Thanks! it works! – Mike Oct 16 '11 at 12:15

The easiest way to select a value 111 from a select with jQuery is to use the val method:

$('#role1_' + id).val('111');
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Thanks! it works! – Mike Oct 16 '11 at 12:17

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