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I have the following PHP code, which up to a week or so ago was working to send Twitter direct messages to a particular user. I now get "HTTP_OAuth_Exception: Unable to connect to tcp:// Error #0: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name of service not known in /usr/share/pear/HTTP/OAuth/Consumer.php on line 257"

I've searched around and can't find that anything has changed with Twitter since it was working and the server configuration also hasn't changed. I tried using SSL in case Twitter suddenly required connection via SSL, but that gave basically the same error (except it said ssl and port 443).

I'm at a loss to see what's wrong and don't believe anything changed on my side. My code is based on the example in the Services_Twitter documentation ($oauth)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

   require_once 'Services/Twitter.php';
   require_once 'HTTP/OAuth/Consumer.php';

   $twitterto = 'xxxxxxxxxxxx';
   $message='This is a test message';


try {
   $twitter = new Services_Twitter();
   $oauth = new HTTP_OAuth_Consumer($cons_key,


   // The error is raised on the following line.
   $twitter->direct_messages->new($twitterto, $message);

} catch (Services_Twitter_Exception $e) {

     echo $e->getMessage();

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