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I'm trying to create a sever application on PC for many android devices using the same wi-fi network. The devices will find the server's IP by receiving UDP broadcast from it contains the server IP data. I've started by creating a sample udp broadcaster in C# and udp receiver in java but I never managed to get the packet on the android side . here is the code :


UdpClient listener = new UdpClient(listenPort);
IPEndPoint groupEP = new IPEndPoint(IPAddress.Broadcast, listenPort);
listener.EnableBroadcast = true;
byte[] data = new byte[1024];
    while (!done)




Android code :

DatagramSocket socket;
try {
    socket = new DatagramSocket(11000);
    socket.connect(getBroadcastAddress(), 11000);
    byte[] buf = new byte[4];
    DatagramPacket packet = new DatagramPacket(buf, buf.length);

The Internet Permission is set correctly in the manifest. still not able to receive the packets.

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Hi @Mr.Me Me also trying same thing and cant able establish connection, can you post your worked code? –  Monish Kumar Aug 30 '13 at 14:35

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Thanks , by using Wireshark I found that isn't working instead I used my local LAN broadcast address 192.168.XX.255 and the packet is now propagating throw the network . but still I'm not receiving it on the android by the above code –  Mr.Me Oct 18 '11 at 8:56
It worked after changing the broadcast address on both ends –  Mr.Me Oct 19 '11 at 11:51
What do you mean changing address on both ends? To which address? Could you post your working code? –  insomnium_ Jul 10 '14 at 5:48

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