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I wish to write a Query for SAP B1 (t-sql) that will list all Income and Expenses Items by total and month by month.

I have successfully written a Query using PIVOT, but I do not want the column headings to be hardcoded like: Jan-11, Feb-11, Mar-11 ... Dec-11.

Rather I want the column headings to be parametrically generated, so that if I input:

Query - Selection Criteria

Posting Date      greater or equal        01.09.10

Posting Date      smaller or equal        31.08.11

[OK]   [Cancel]

the Query will generate the following columns:

Sep-10, Oct-10, Nov-10, ..... Aug-11

I guess DYNAMIC PIVOT can do the trick. So, I modified one SQL obtained from another forum to suit my purpose, but it does not work. The error message I get is Incorrect Syntax near 20100901.

Could anybody help me locate my error?

Note: In SAP B1, '[%1]' is an input variable

Here's my query:

/*Section 1*/

DECLARE @listCol VARCHAR(2000)
DECLARE @query VARCHAR(4000)

/*Section 2*/

SELECT @listCol = 
       FROM JDT1 
        FOR XML PATH(''))
     , 1, 2, '') + ']' 

/*Section 3*/

SET @query = '
        MONTH(T0.RefDate) as [Month],   
        (T0.Debit - T0.Credit) as [Amount]
    FROM dbo.JDT1 T0
   JOIN dbo.OACT T1 ON T0.Account = T1.AcctCode 
      T1.GroupMask IN (4,5,6,7) AND
      T0.[Refdate] >= '[%1]' AND
      T0.[Refdate] <= '[%2]'
 ) S
    FOR [Month] IN ('+@listCol+')
) AS pvt

/*Section 4*/

EXECUTE (@query)
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I don't know SAP, but a couple of things spring to mind:

  • It looks like you want @listCol to contain a collection of numbers within square brackets, for example [07],[08],[09].... However, your code appears not to put a [ at the start of this string.

  • Try replacing the lines

    T0.[Refdate] >= '[%1]' AND
    T0.[Refdate] <= '[%2]'


    T0.[Refdate] >= ''[%1]'' AND
    T0.[Refdate] <= ''[%2]''

(I also added a space before the AND in the first of these two lines while I was editing your question.)

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Hi Luke,Thanks for your answer. –  Leon Lai Oct 19 '11 at 5:33
Hi Luke, Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately it does not solve my problem. I realize that the solutionn is going to be very difficult. Fortunately, I found this helpful article: simple-talk.com/community/blogs/andras/archive/2007/09/14/… I must now work hard to adapt these ideas to my problem. Best Regards Leon Lai –  Leon Lai Oct 19 '11 at 5:50

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