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I'm trying desperately to send files via OBEX, using python. I have two functioning codes, the first using lightblue and the other using obexftp. We've got here two android phones, the first is a Samsung Galaxy S and the second is HTC desire HD (running CyanogenMod 7.1). I'm trying to send files to these phones from a computer running Ubuntu (both natty and lucid).

The thing is, each code works with only one phone. And only sometimes.

The first one is:

import lightblue

this one only works with the galaxy s. If I try to send files to the desire hd I get:

<OBEXRespnse reason='Internal Server Error' code=0x50 (0xd0) headers={}>

The second code is:

import obexftp
print channel #it is the correct channel, I've doubled checked
cli.connect ('MACADDR',channel)
cli.put_file("./file.png") #I also noticed you need to wait a second before this

This one only works with the desire hd (sometimes).

All devices were paired using the bluez-simple-agent script, which is available in Ubuntu.

I'm trying to figure out what's causing this inconsistency, unsuccessfully. I'd happy if someone here point out what am I doing wrong or show me a code that actually works.

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OBEX can be notoriusly buggy, there are a lot of Headset/Handsfree manufacturers investing massive amounts of money in testing OBEX and other BT protocols... Maybe this is the problem! Can you try more phones to test this?!

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