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I developed some app for iPhone/iPad, so I know the basic concepts of Cocoa programming. Now I need to write a Mac OS X application. If you help me to choose the right controls to use, I'll study the Apple documentation reference for them.

I need:

  • a control to show a grid of thumbnails (png images); I'll be able to change the order of the thumbnails by dragging and dropping them;

  • a control to show a single image (e.g. UIImageView of Cocoa Touch) with the possibility to drag and drop another image over the first one; besides I need to move and resize the second image by dragging its corners (as if corners were "anchors");

  • a control to browse the media files on the Mac (possibly iPhoto images, iTunes DRM-free songs, or simply the content of a given folder), like the media browser of iMovie.

I use Xcode 4.2.

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The minimum targeted OS version would be more useful information than the Xcode version. :-) New Cocoa APIs don't come with Xcode versions, they come with OS versions. –  Joshua Nozzi Oct 16 '11 at 15:47

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  1. You can use NSCollectionView and co. for this. Xcode has a sample application somewhere in documentation (browsing various images) as well as tutorial on how to setup NSCollectionView yourself.

  2. Check NSImageView. You can basically find any Cocoa control alternative to Cocoa Touch just by changing UI prefix to NS.

  3. There is no such control per-se (unless IKImageBrowser for backgrounds), but using aforementioned NSCollectionView and some API for media files you should get around pretty quickly.

Also check ImageKit framework for images (for browsing, viewing and modifying).

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For #3, AV Foundation has AVAssetsLibrary on iOS, but not on the Mac. Karelia Software has a third-party iMedia Browser framework that can do the job. github.com/karelia/imedia –  Peter Hosey Oct 16 '11 at 22:12

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