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I'm trying to analyse different ways of Python connection to webserver: cgi, fastcgi, mod_python, WSGI, and Django framework... So, how many ways exist to parse get/post parameters in python? Are they differ from one connection to another?

I saw this question. CGI, Django etc. are considered there. But what about fastCGI? Is it the same way as CGI? And mod_python, WSGI?

I take interest in the most usable, 'popular' ways of getting request parameters. It can be parsing of particular parameter (name=value) or entire query string parsing.

Where I can read about different APIs? There are so many connection methods and frameworks, so I get confused(

Thanks a lot! Nikolai.

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I found this tutorial, it gave me some answers about mod_python and WSGI. Are they correct? And what about fastCGI? And can I import cgi and use parseqs() in mod_python, for example? – MTuner Oct 16 '11 at 15:10

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urlparse.parseqs[l]() is used to parse parameters. But you likely won't have to do it yourself since the framework (if you're using one) will handle them.

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Thanks, I saw this method. I take interest in both 'backend' and 'framework' methods. And I don't understand, are these methods vary with different connections. – MTuner Oct 16 '11 at 15:41

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