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I'd like to display the output of (getenv "HOSTNAME") somewhere in my mode line. My display-time-mode is set to 't', so I'm already displaying time, load level and a mail flag in the mode line. Is there an easy way to get the hostname in there, too?

I'd like to have this because I'm ssh'd into 3 remote machines, all running emacs from a common set of init files, and I'd like some fast easy unobtrusive way to know which machine I'm working on.

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I tried the above answers and was not particularly successful (I'm running emacs 23). After much investigation, I ended up just putting system-name into my mode-line-format as follows:

;; Set the modeline to tell me the filename, hostname, etc..
(setq-default mode-line-format
  (list " "
        ; */% indicators if the file has been modified
        ; the name of the buffer (i.e. filename)
        ; note this gets automatically highlighted
        ; major and minor modes in effect
        ; if which-func-mode is in effect, display which
        ; function we are currently in.
        '(which-func-mode ("" which-func-format "--"))
        ; line, column, file %
        ; if vc-mode is in effect, display version control
        ; info here
        `(vc-mode vc-mode)
        ; hostname
        ; dashes sufficient to fill rest of modeline.

I've detailed this and other things I discovered about the emacs modeline in a posting on my website.

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To build on Sean Bright's answer, specifically you can do this:

(let ((pos (memq 'mode-line-modes mode-line-format)))
  (setcdr pos (cons (getenv "HOSTNAME") (cdr pos))))

This assumes that 'mode-line-modes is a part of your 'mode-line-format, which it is by default. Because you're modifying the list pointed to by the variable 'mode-line-format, you don't have to set the default value. If you were setting the variable itself, you'd have to do something like:

(setq-default mode-line-format (build-list-that-contains-(getenv "HOSTNAME")))
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