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I have few basic views in my WPF app, but I don't want to design in visual way one of them and other programmatically.

What's the best approach way to design few forms and programmatically only exchange them within the main window?

EDIT: of course, I don't want to close/open new windows ;)

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Usually I have a ShellViewModel containing the CurrentViewModel, and display the CurrentViewModel as a ContentControl the ShellView. Then to switch pages, all you do is change the CurrentViewModel property in the ShellViewModel


<ContentControl Content="{Binding CurrentViewModel}" />


private ViewModelBase _currentViewModel;
public ViewModelBase CurrentViewModel
    get { return _currentViewModel; }
        if (_currentViewModel != value)
            _currentViewModel = value;

You can see an example of it here

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but will I be able to design every "page" visually? –  deha Oct 17 '11 at 14:31

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