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Is there any library that can produce server-side pie charts using Ruby?

Such as this: enter image description here

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Yes, Gruff is pretty cool for this.

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This provides easy integration to your rails app by just one line of ruby code. hope this could help to anybody..


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Google's javascript charting library is ok for simple tasks http://code.google.com/apis/chart/

And there are a lot of gems that wrap GoogleCharts http://googlecharts.rubyforge.org/ https://github.com/mattetti/googlecharts

EDIT: Didn't see the server side constraint. Ignore my answer :)

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@bandito has given example of google javascript charting library. Well, there is Chart API from Google which sends back the required image, if you send the parameters in the API URL. See Image Charts. There is a specific section for pie charts there. I have used it once and found it very useful. Ofcourse there is loading time for the chart, and limitations to how far it is customizable, but for a simple pie chart like the one shown in figure, I think this is adequate.

See the getting started for understanding how the API works.

Also see Chart Wizard

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For Rails, look at quacky-charts at https://github.com/ragingsquirrel3/quacky-charts

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hey hey, in the interest of full disclosure next time maybe consider pointing out that this is a tool which you designed yourself? – mchen.ja Aug 14 '15 at 17:19

You can use rchart for plotting various chart.

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