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I want to refresh my screen every 200ms without having to add some code in a loop.

So, I would like to create a Timer with a callback in Vala using SDL.

I read the documentation but I don't understand what is excpected as a second parameter : http://www.valadoc.org/sdl/SDL.Timer.html

The following code compile without any error :

this.timer = new SDL.Timer( 200, () => { this.refresh(); return 0; } );

EDIT : here is the full code with SDL :

    public View( int width, int height, bool fullscreen, string window_name = "AKITA application" )

            SDL.init( InitFlag.VIDEO | InitFlag.TIMER );

            this.last_tick = 0;
            this.fps = 25; // Set default value for FPS

            uint32 video_flags = SurfaceFlag.DOUBLEBUF | SurfaceFlag.HWACCEL | SurfaceFlag.HWSURFACE;

            this.screen = Screen.set_video_mode( width, height, 32, video_flags);

            if ( this.screen == null )
                stderr.printf ("Could not set video mode.\n");

            WindowManager.set_caption (window_name, "");

            this.timer = new SDL.Timer( 200, () => { this.refresh(); return 0; } );


    public void refresh()
            stdout.printf( "refresh...\n" );

But nothing appears (refresh() should write something on stdout).

Could someone help me with this (or have a better way to do what I want) ?



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Did you call SDL.Init(InitFlag.TIMER)? –  haggai_e Oct 16 '11 at 18:51
@haggai_e At first not, but I added it at the beginning as you can see and I have nothing more. –  MARTIN Damien Oct 16 '11 at 19:13
works correctly here when looping SDL.Event.poll()... using vala master (0.14+)... post a complete test case –  lethalman Oct 16 '11 at 20:08
@lethalman Here is the full code : bitbucket.org/martindamien/akita/src But I don't use SDL.Event.poll() yet. Is it mandatory to have Timers running ? The file where the problem is : bitbucket.org/martindamien/akita/src/ceee8a3b0ceb/src/gfx/… –  MARTIN Damien Oct 16 '11 at 20:19

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You have to run the event loop (e.g. a loop with SDL.Event.wait() or SDL.Event.poll()), otherwise timers won't get fired.

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Thank you, it works (I tryed a SDL.Event.poll()). –  MARTIN Damien Oct 17 '11 at 7:35

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