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I found this CDI/Weld: book or resource recommendation, and yes it is the same question but it is "old" now so I wonder if it has come any updates on this question?

I am in the process of learning Java EE 6 so I am looking for books/tutorials that explains it from the basic. I found this:

I don't know which of them I should read (probably both, but I need to start somewhere. Or are there other places I should start instead?

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Start with the Weld tutorial, is way easier to read and targets the principles of CDI in a much easier way than the TCK reference (even though the reference is a good for quick references, just as the name suggests).

Unfortunately, there are still (10/2011) no books available. "Enterprise JavaBeans 3.1" / Andrew Rubinger & Bill Burke / O'Reilly is still the best deal should you prefer offline reading. :-(

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