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After I've stop using Google App Engine on my local database for testing, I will come back a few days later and it has removed/deleted my local datastore.

How can I get it to stop doing this? I have a large data set locally that I use for testing before deploying it and I don't want to recreate this every time I go to work on something.

There is a checkbox in the Settings called "clear datastore on launch:, but this is unchecked.

I am using the python backend. Where is the local datastore stored? Is it in some tmp directory that keeps getting cleared?

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The local datastore is stored in your system's temporary directory by default. You can supply the --datastore_path command to specify an alternate location for the datastore.

Note that it's generally a good idea to do your development in a way that doesn't rely on the contents of the local datastore remaining long-term - writing a script that loads a known test dataset is usually a good idea.

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