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I am trying to create a Debain .deb package. Package is being created successfully but I am getting following error when I try to install it:

 unable to open file '/var/lib/dpkg/': Is a directory

The package directory structure is :

    ├── control
    ├── opt
    │   └── myDir
    │       └── myfile
    ├── postinst
    └── preinst

In preinst I've - mkdir -p /opt/myDir postinst is empty

If I try to install package on a different host, I get below error:

package control info rmdir of `opt' didn't say not a dir: Directory not empty

Any ideas?

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First, you don't want to create directories in preinst. Dpkg will create this as necessary. Second, you don't want to install Debian packages in /opt. That is a violation of Debian Policy and the FHS. Having said that, I don't know exactly why you are seeing the error. – Faheem Mitha Oct 19 '11 at 18:19
Please post your entire preinst script. – Flimzy Oct 27 '11 at 8:23
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Your directory layout is wrong. It should be like this:

├── opt
│   └── myDir
│       └── myfile
    ├── control
    ├── postinst
    └── preinst

After you build your package you can test its format with lintian:

lintian my-package.deb

I had the same problem as you and lintian helped me fix it.

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