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I'm open source developer implementing FTP client (WinSCP). I'm trying to resume SSL session from the FTP control socket on the transfer socket. Some FTP servers started to require this.

E.g. vsftpd:

I'm using OpenSSL to implement SSL layer.

I've tried the obvious way to implement the session resume, i.e. to use SSL_get1_session and SSL_set_session, like here:

Though it does not work. I'm still not able to connect to any FTP server requiring SSL session resume (like the vsftpd).

I have suspicion that the problem may be due to in my case, there are two parallel SSL connections, which cannot share the same SSL session. Which is different to the example on linuxjournal.com, where the first connection is closed before the other is opened.

I have also tried several ways to clone the session, e.g. using i2d_SSL_SESSION/d2i_SSL_SESSION. Didn't help either.

I'm really stuck here.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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You must specifically enable client session caching on your SSL_CTX object with:

SSL_CTX_set_session_cache_mode(ctx, SSL_SESS_CACHE_CLIENT);

You may also need to increase the default session cache timeout (the default is 300 seconds), using SSL_CTX_set_timeout().

(You must also be creating your SSL objects from the same SSL_CTX object).

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