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Anyone knows how to run activerecord-jdbc-adapter tests when using jruby under rvm? Getting "package org.jruby does not exist" - do I need to put the jruby jar on the class path, perhaps?

I added it to CLASSPATH, but no joy - but perhaps JRuby needs it in a different location.

Running on OSX, using rvm, with JRuby 1.6.4, have downloaded activerecord-jdbc-adapter and trying to run tests like this:

rake rails:test DRIVER=mysql

I know I am missing the location of the activerecord source part to the command, but I get the same error with it.

Errors start like this:

javac -target 1.5 -source 1.5  -d pkg/classes -cp "" 
src/java/arjdbc/db2/ src/jva/arjdbc/derby/ 
src/java/arjdbc/jdbc/ src/java/arjdbc/jdbc/ 
src/java/arjdbc/jdbc/ src/java/arjdbc/jdbc/ 
src/java/arjdbc/mssql/ src/java/arjdbc/mysql/ 

src/java/arjdbc/db2/ package org.jruby does not exist
import org.jruby.Ruby;
src/java/arjdbc/db2/ package org.jruby does not exist
import org.jruby.RubyClass;

Thanks in advance, Chris

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Make sure you're running JRuby's rake, then everything should work fine. The default target is the one that runs all the tests.

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DOH, my bad - my .rvmrc file specified 1.8.7 and not jruby :( – Chris Kimpton Oct 17 '11 at 21:11

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