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I need to parse and separate input strings using VB.NET. Split method works in Example 1, but my problem is when I need to “skip” a space if the following value isn’t in the list like Example2. My code works as expected for String1 using Split, but it fails my needs when it outputs EXT1000 and 3 as individual values - they should be part of the original string if not found in the list. I would prefer to keep it in Linq if possible. Generate some type of collection to be used for later manipulation. The main output will end up with a For Each “Results” WriteLine in text file.

list = {“AB”, “CD”, “EFG”, “HI”, …. “MN”, “OP”, “QR”…}

(results from LINQ from external file. I’m not using it in my code yet, but I think I’ll need to incorporate some comparison)

  • String1 = “AB CD5 EFG10 HI2 AB” (mC..Value.Split)
  • Results1: (multiCode)
  • AB (m)
  • CD5 (m)
  • EFG10 (m)
  • HI2 (m)
  • AB (m)

  • String2 = “MN3 MN4 OP8 EXT1000 QR 3

  • Results2:
  • MN3
  • MN4
  • OP8 EXT1000 (should skip space because “EXT” isn’t in list)
  • QR 3 (should skip space because “3” isn’t in list)

    Dim multiPoint As IEnumerable(Of XElement) = _ From mPoint In xdoc....Reverse

    Dim multiCode = _ From mC In multiPoint _ From m In mC..Value.Split _ Select m

    For Each cd In multiCode Console.WriteLine(cd) Next

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Dim MasterList As String() = {"AB", "CD", "EFG", "HI", "MN", "OP", "QR"}

Dim OtherList As String() = {"AB3", "CD4", "EFG1000", "3"}

Dim DesiredList As String() = (From strValueInMasterList As String In MasterList _
                               From strValueFromOtherList As String In OtherList _
                               Where strValueFromOtherList.StartsWith(strValueInMasterList) _
                               Select strValueFromOtherList).ToArray()
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