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When I click a control, I want it to push a new view controller to both the Master Split and the Detail Split.

Unfortunately, in the Storyboard editor, when you control drag from an object and create a segue to a View Controller, it overwrites the original value of the Push Storyboard Segue field.

Is it possible to accomplish my goal in the storyboard file, or does it have to be done in code?

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You'll probably have to override -[UIViewController prepareForSegue:sender:] and do the extra push yourself; storyboards are designed to manage the navigation flow for a single view controller at a time.

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I think it would be much nicer and cleaner if you would just Control+drag, but don't leave the segue with a default, "Push" style. Notice that there is also "Replace" style available for segues here. When you choose "Replace" style, there will be "Destination" parameter available. Choose whether you want to replace a view in Master, or Details controller, and that's it.

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Hey Eedoh, the question was how to push two different view controllers at the same time: replacing both the master and detail view controllers from the same segue/control. –  lnafziger Jan 3 '13 at 1:10

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