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I have two scripts. Script A has a bunch of functions with variables in them, that need to be defined in Script B.

For example, this is basically what I need to do in script A and B


health = {p1:"100", p2:"100"}

The rest of the script requires that dictionary to be defined.


p1 = raw_input()
p2 = raw_input()
from A.py import *

#Here, I get the error that p1 and p2 aren't defined in A.py
#I need to pass p1 and p2 (in B.py) to the health dict in A.py

How do I pass an argument variable to an imported script?

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You could just make a function in A.py to pass the values into:

def DoStuff(p1, p2):
  #work with dict here

Side note: Don't use strings for clearly numerical values like player health.

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