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Consider this one

template<typename T>
struct A {
  enum class X {
    V = T()

For member classes and member functions, C++11 (and C++03) won't instantiate their definition unless we use them in a way that requires their definition. Is this true for enum class?

// valid?
A<std::string> a;

Unfortunately, I can't check compilers, since C++11 is just out of the door and everything isn't reliable yet, it seems.

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I don't think A<std::string> a; is valid unless std::string can be implicitly converted to int. But then again... –  Florian Oct 16 '11 at 21:15

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I think so. 14.7.1/1

The implicit instantiation of a class template specialization causes the implicit instantiation of the declarations, but not of the definitions or default arguments, of [...] scoped member enumerations

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