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I'm reading pages and pages since weeks but I cannot find a solution. I want "only" to:

  1. Make my own public and private keys to encrypt and decrypt strings between my PHP website and Android application (like on but how can I store and use the generated keys?)
  2. Encrypt a string on my application
  3. Decrypt the string from my website
  4. Encrypt a string on my website
  5. Decrypt the string from my application

I've just found a class that does simply this job ( ) but it is not free, and to make it work on PHP I should install a PHP extension but I can't on my web hosting.

Is there something similar? I'm studying a lot but I don't know why I don't understand how to do it in different ways.

Probably something similar to

RSA Android Encrypt / RSA PHP Decrypt

could help but it is not the complete source code.

Please give me some real working examples.

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possible duplicate of Encrypt and Decrypt text with RSA in PHP – njzk2 Oct 14 '14 at 19:28

this should do it.

It's not an android question, much more Java.

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Thanks! I'll try asap... but how can i 3. decrypt the string from my website (based on PHP)? Do you think that… could be what i need? Thanks again! ;) – Vale Oct 17 '11 at 15:53
Thanks, it works but i was looking for something like "license3j" because it has all expiration date/release/etc. management tool and it could be really what i need. Unfortunately it is not compatible with Android. Do you know any "Licence Management" tool compatible with Android? I don't want to publish the application on Android Market. Thanks ;) – Vale Oct 19 '11 at 10:46

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