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Is it possible to redirect some specific category to a static page?

So far I tried to do it with custom redirect but it complains about non-unique request path. Target path is disabled when editing category rewrite too

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Yes it's possible but not without writing some custom code and adding an observer.

Without entering in much detail you could :

public function observe($observer) {
   $request = $observer['controller_action']->getRequest();
   $requestUrl = $request->getRequestUri();

   if($requestUrl == 'mycategoryname'){
       $destinationUrl = '';
       $response = Mage::app()->getResponse();
       $response->setRedirect($destinationUrl, 301);

And on the config.xml you are going to need

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thanks, but what if I need it for several say 3-4 categories? Really hoped custom redirect could work – Zifius Oct 17 '11 at 5:49
Do your categories really need to exist? If the answer is not there might be a solution for this issue. – Allan MacGregor Oct 17 '11 at 21:00
Actually yes, we did it with a static link. Thanks for input! – Zifius Oct 18 '11 at 6:14

Just came across this. I'm doing the same thing essentially and just had a thought that maybe this could be accomplished relatively easily with a module that adds a category attribute along with some additional and/or custom code for the nav bar.

I'm thinking that a new category attribute could be the url to rewrite to, and then a check in the navigation/top.phtml template to check if that attribute is filled in and then rewrite to that url if so.

I'll post here later if I get this to work as desired.

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