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I want to create a list of items and have a hyperlink on each of them that performs some action, e.g. remove the item from the list.

My template looks like this:

<lift:surround with="default" at="content">
<div class="locations lift:Main.locations">
        <li class="one">
            <span class="name">Neverland</span>
            (<a href="#" class="delete">delete this</a>)

I'm using the following CSS transform to fill it out:

def locations = {
    ".one *" #> somecollection map { item =>
        ".name" #> &
        ".delete" #> ????

Now, instead of "????", I'd love to put in something along the lines of SHtml.a( ()=>delete(item), _), but _ here is of type CssSel and a's argument should be NodeSeq

I could of course put simple xml.Text("delete this"), but I want to reuse the text that is inside the template.

Or is there a different way to generate AJAX hyperlinks?

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You should add this as a proper answer and then accept it. That way the question appears solved to everybody. – Debilski Oct 16 '11 at 22:58
i couldn't do that because my rep is too low, i had to wait until morning – matejcik Oct 17 '11 at 11:17
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I found out how to do it. Basically, instead of generating the a tag, I have to use the tag from the template and put the AJAX code in it through the CSS transform:

def locations = {
    ".one *" # somecollection map { item =>
        ".name" #> &
        ".delete [onclick]" #> ajaxInvoke (() => delete(item))

I suspect that this way it would also be possible to make links that work both with and without JavaScript

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