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How can I compare a boolean value to both true and false in a LINQ query?

If hideCompleted is true, I want to show values where IsCompleted is false If hideCompleted is false, I want to show values where IsCompleted is true or false


(t1.IsCompleted ?? false == (hideCompleted == true ? false : (true || false)))
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Just to be sure I understand you correctly, if hideCompleted is false, you don't care what the value of IsCompleted is? If so...

!(hideCompleted && t1.IsCompleted)
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While is answer is intuitive and logically correct, I encountered issues when using this with linq to entities. Max Zerbini's answer worked for me. –  Jeff Mar 25 '13 at 21:58
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Build your query based on hideCompleted being true, similar to this approach:

var query = dc.SomeTable;
if (hideCompleted)
    query = query.Where(t1 => !t1.IsCompleted);

This way when hideCompleted is true you filter for t1.IsCompleted being false. When hideCompleted is false your original query will grab all results regardless of the value of t1.IsCompleted.

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you can use this condition

where (hideCompleted==true && t1.IsCompleted==false) || (hideCompleted==false)
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