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Correct me if I'm wrong, the only way to have unbuffered (doesn't output to .js) comments in CoffeeScript is

# This is the only way to mute this single-line comments

The ### buffers comments for multi-line

### This will be outputted to the .js
    For things like copyright notices.

But there's no way to have unbuffered multi-line comments?

# This is the only way to mute
# multiple-lines


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Correct. But it's less difficult than it looks, because your text editor likely provides a keyboard shortcut for commenting/uncommenting lines. For instance, in TextMate with jashkenas' bundle, you'd just select the lines you want to comment and hit Cmd+/ to put # in front of each. The same shortcut can also un-comment lines in that fashion.

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thanks for answering, lack of multi-line unbuffered commenting stinks. also i don't think ### works as well as #, i could be wrong though, but ### sometimes gives me indentation issues or sOmething... –  Quang Van Oct 23 '11 at 12:46

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