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I'm trying to execute parallel MPI program on several Windows machines (actually I have one Win7 and one WinXP machines, but people with other configurations (WinXP on all machines, for example) have the same problem). I use MPICH2 (1.4.1p1). I can execute program if I use wmpiexec (MPIEXEC wrapper - GUI for MPI) but if I try to execute it from console I catch next error:

Command: mpiexec -hosts 2 locahost 2 2 <path to the program>
Error: mpiexec running on <name of my machine> is unable to connect to msmpi service on locahost:8677

I have created rule for the program in Windows firewall. So where can be a problem? Thanks in advance.

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It's a wierd solution, but when mpiexec.exe and executable MPI-program is in the same directory everything is fine.

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