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Phone.find {number : "12345678"}, (err,phone) ->
            phone.forEach (item, i) ->
                console.log item
                console.log item.subdomain
                console.log item.subdomain_id
                console.log item.city


{ _id: 4e9b614e01c642c2be000002,
  city: 'San Francisco',
  country: 'US',
  indicative: '234',
  number: '12345678',
  subdomain_id: 4e9b532b01c642bf4a000003 }

San Francisco

Why is the item.subdomain_id returning undefined if it's in the document?


I added subdomain_id to the Schema and it now works (item.subdomain_id), however, I'm not getting the subdomain document, only the ID. I want to get item.subdomain and be able to call methods on it.


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Is that entered correctly? _id and subdomain_id aren't valid json -- they're neither String nor Number. –  wombleton Oct 17 '11 at 2:41

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If you're storing an ObjectID, not embedded documents, you need to use the populate() function to grab the referenced objects:

Phone.find({number : "12345678"}).populate('subdomain_id').run (err, phones) ->
  for phone in phones
    console.log phone


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