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I'm a little confused about this behavior from the ruby (1.9) interpreter

 class Foo
   def pub

   def private_thing
     puts "private touch"

x = Foo.new
private touch
=> nil

so far so good.

NoMethodError: private method `private_thing' called for #<Foo:0xb76abd34>
from (irb):25
from :0

still ok. that's what I expected

but why is this empty?

=> []

while this gives me what I was expecting?

=> ["pub"]
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Indeed, the "methods" method seems to have disappeared. You should use public_instance_methods instead.

To explain why that x.methods(false) is behaving that way, look back at ruby 1.9.1 docs http://www.ruby-doc.org/core-1.9.1/Object.html#method-i-methods. If you see the source code if you pass in a parameter it behaves as singleton_methods, which is what you're seing.

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It seems there is no documentation for Object#methods beyond ruby 1.9.1. As if it no longer exists. (take a look http://www.ruby-doc.org/core-1.9.3/Object.html)

I suppose this is to clarify that one should be using one of .singleton_methods or .instance_methods to determine where methods live.

In any case, an undocumented method can do whatever it likes.

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