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In a FluentMigrator migration, if I'm defining a relationship, say:


        .ReferencedBy("FK_RelatedTable_RelatedTableId", "RelatedTable", "MainTableId")

Is there any way to define cascading delete type of relationship between them? Eg, if you delete something from MainTable, any related records are also deleted?

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You can create a separate foreign key in the same migration like this, with the option of setting your cascading rules:


Hope this helps.

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Note that, at least in the latest version, it is also possible to define them in the table defintion: ForeignKey("abc", "dfg").OnDeleteOrUpdate(System.Data.Rule.Cascade) –  jgillich Aug 19 '14 at 6:43

The best I've been able to do on short notice is to execute the SQL to create the relationship myself. I created an extension method that does this and adds a cascade delete, as this is the only option I need for this project:

public static void AddCascadeDeleteRelationship(
    this Migration db,
    String primaryTable,
    String primaryField,
    String foreignTable,
    String foreignField,
    String relationshipName)
            "ALTER TABLE [{0}] ADD CONSTRAINT {1} FOREIGN KEY ( [{2}] ) " +
                "REFERENCES [{3}] ( [{4}] ) ON DELETE CASCADE;",
            foreignTable, relationshipName, foreignField, primaryTable, primaryField)

Is there a better way?

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