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I have a select that is dynamically created.

<select name="approve-<?php echo $leadID; ?>" id="<?php echo $leadID; ?>" class="approve">
<option value="1">Yes</option>
<option value="2">No</option>

it is inside a php loop that retrieves records from a db. and a form that sends its content via $.post to a php file. for some reason even if I change the value of a SELECT, I receive back from the PHP file all 3 values the same. Any ideas?


var post = $('#approveLead').serialize();    
$.post("db/approveleads.php", post, function(data) { 
return false;   


echo '<br/>'.$_POST['approve-1'];
echo '<br/>'.$_POST['approve-2'];
echo '<br/>'.$_POST['approve-3'];
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have you examined the contents of $('#approveLead').serialize() before the data is sent to your PHP app? – imm Oct 17 '11 at 1:02
@user998378: To help improve your question, please provide more details on the exact situation. For example, include an example of your full generated form code, the output of $('#approveLead').serialize(), etc. Currently, we can only shoot in the dark and your question is so specific that it won't help other users. – N Rohler Oct 17 '11 at 1:30

As far I can understand your $leadID returns 1,2,3.... etc.... If this is true you may find the following helpful....

<select name="approve-<?php echo $leadID; ?>" id="id_<?php echo $leadID; ?>" class="approve">
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