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Having a problem when assigning a value to an array. I have a class I created called Treasury. I created another class called TradingBook which I want to contain a global array of Treasury that can be accessed from all methods in TradingBook. Here is my header files for TradingBook and Treasury:

class Treasury{
    Treasury(SBB_instrument_fields bond);
    double yieldRate;
    short periods;

class TradingBook
    TradingBook(const char* yieldCurvePath, const char* bondPath);
    double getBenchmarkYield(short bPeriods) const;
    void quickSort(int arr[], int left, int right, double index[]);

    BaseBond** tradingBook;
    int treasuryCount;
    Treasury* yieldCurve;
    int bondCount;
    void runAnalytics(int i);

And here is my main code where I'm getting the error:

TradingBook::TradingBook(const char* yieldCurvePath, const char* bondPath)
    //Loading Yield Curve
    // ...
    yieldCurve = new Treasury[treasuryCount];

    int periods[treasuryCount];
    double yields[treasuryCount];
    for (int i=0; i < treasuryCount; i++)
        yieldCurve[i] = new Treasury(treasuries[i]);
        //^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^LINE WITH ERROR^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

I am getting the error:

No match for 'operator=' on the line 'yieldCurve[i] = new Treasury(treasuries[i]);'

Any advice?

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This is the exact same problem you asked about yesterday. The only difference is that it's happening with a different variable. Perhaps it's time to invest in a good C++ book, as your understanding of arrays and pointers could use improvement. –  Nicol Bolas Oct 17 '11 at 2:58

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That's because yieldCurve[i] is of type Treasury, and new Treasury(treasuries[i]); is a pointer to a Treasury object. So you have a type mismatch.

Try changing this line:

yieldCurve[i] = new Treasury(treasuries[i]);

to this:

yieldCurve[i] = Treasury(treasuries[i]);
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If this answers your question be sure to check the little checkbox... –  jeremynealbrown Oct 17 '11 at 1:52
    Treasury* yieldCurve;

yieldCurve is a pointer to an array of Treasury, not Treasury*. Drop the new at the line with error, or modify the declaration for it to be an array of pointers.

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