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Im using CanCan load_and_authorize_resource helper method for fetching resources and generating authorization, but I have a nested resource like this

load_and_authorize_resource :company
load_and_authorize_resource :accountings, :through => :company, :class => 'Departments::Accounting'

But I need @accountings be found by another attribute rather that the Departmets::Accounting id and give a value to that attribute, for example

@accountings = @company.find_by_period_id(@period.id)

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You can do it with two extra options:

load_and_authorize_resource :accountings,
    :through => :company, :class => 'Departments::Accounting',
    :find_by => :attr, # :period_id in your example
    :id_param => :something # this searches the params hash for
                            # params[:something], and sends that
                            # value to .find_by_attr

Check the code for load_and_authorize_resource here.

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