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this is my second week of learning SQL it might be an easy question

How can I sub string a string in SQL something like

Robert Miller

should become


Thanks for the help

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Although the answers below should give you some guidance, what happens if you have a name like Robert A. Miller, or Pete Hancock Jr. or Miss Janet Palmer, etc. –  Sparky Oct 17 '11 at 3:37

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Although different SQL versions have different string functions, try

SUBSTRING(<string>,1,CHARINDEX(' ',<string)-1) + char(13)+char(10)+
RTRIM(SUBSTRING(<string>,CHARINDEX(' ',<string>)+1,99))
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This would be a task for you application code, OR you could store Robert and Miller in two fields in your DB - first_name and last_name

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Hi You can use a substring function to select the required portion of a string,

For example,

FROM AbsenceView
WHERE [Employee ID] = 6425;

Here the SUBSTRING function will take the LAST NAME from the view/table AbsenceView according to where condition, and return the substring from the string position 2 to 4.

More SQL string functions can be found here ...

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The specifics depend on the SQL server you use, but there's usually a REPLACE() function available that will allow you to do this. You would replace spaces with newline characters (\n).

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